Why I Started the Junk Removal Business

I started Super Clean Junk Guy because I realized that older adults need assistance; this was very personal and important to me. When my father was living with his hoarder partner, I had no idea about it. We took years to see each other because he was embarrassed about his living conditions.

When I surprised him with a visit, he wouldn’t let me into the house because he was so embarrassed. When I finally went in and saw how he was living, I realized that he was in a hazardous environment.

The Mission

My father is no longer with us, but his last years weren’t good. His partner’s hoarding problem had taken a toll on him. And that’s why I started Super Clean Junk Guy's junk removal business to help those who have a hoarding problem and need some assistance.

My mission with this business is to help them understand that junk is not safe or sanitary and that I’m here to revamp their life.